Discrete Optimization New

Structure-Aware Reliability Analysis of State Estimators in Large-Scale Sensor Networks

This research aims to develop efficient methods to measure the reliability of state estimators in large-scale sensor systems by exploiting the inherent structures of these systems and verify the effectiveness of the developed methods in practice. Various infrastructures, which are monitored and controlled using large-scale sensor systems, form the backbone of economic and environmental development. The reliability of estimations made by these sensor systems is crucial to smooth operation of these infrastructures. Yet, no efficient method to calculate this reliability in large-scale sensor systems exists. When certain types of inherent system structure are exploited, computational efficiency of calculating estimation reliability can be improved by orders of magnitude.


Qatar National Research Fund

Areal Service Facility Location

This research aims at developing new service facility location methodologies that capture demand and service as areas instead of points. It generalizes the planar maximum coverage location problem with rectilinear distance by providing a flexible framework to model continuous demand over an area and partial coverage of demand zones.

Optimal Deployment of Emission Reduction Technologies (ERTs)

This research developed an optimization framework to determine the most cost-effective plan for deployment and maintenance of ERTs on the vehicles of a large fleet.